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Re: libgeom: may cause segfault of grub-probe

On 29/12/12 23:56, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Steven, SVN has fixes for #694374 and #695679
> already. do you intent these for wheezy?

Yes, please.

They are not RC severity but sufficiently important for release, and in
particular #695679 should be fixed for people doing squeeze->wheezy
upgrades of jail systems.

> If so let's add #696514 and
> potentially the implicit declarations and get it uploaded as well.

I think it is beneficial, yes.  And as minimal as it can be.

There are some remaining implicit declarations, but are more complex,
therefore I'm leaving those as they are and I haven't enabled the
-Werror flag for this package yet.

Steven Chamberlain

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