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Re: Bug#696786: please adjust MFSROOT_LIMIT; adjust lowmem thresholds


I've tested and have numbers for kfreebsd-i386 now.  Please find patches
attached for this, and an explanation below.

> But the MFSROOT_LIMIT for 32-bit is already at its maximum, [...]

Under normal circumstances the highest usage I've seen is ~37 MiB, so
MFSROOT_LIMIT := 42m is fine for now.

I did notice netcfg coredump once and this is a problem (DNS was
unconfigured and it leaves no ramdisk space)...

> For the lowmem figures, I imagined kfreebsd-i386 might work with lower
> thresholds, on systems with less RAM (around 64 to 96 MiB)

low=23 (qemu -m 80) since devd may crash in early initscripts otherwise.

We don't want the level1/level2 thresholds to be set too high as it
forces the installer to run in English.

level1 and level2=39 (qemu -m 96) is high enough so that ZFS probes
don't cause a problem.  A non-ZFS install can proceed after that.

We don't support ZFS installs on such small systems;  partman-zfs warns
(and we should also mention in the install guide) that *at least* 512
MiB is needed for that;  kernel panics are expected otherwise.

For the install guide then, minimum_memory=80.  GTK installers aren't
built for 32-bit, but if they were, would need minimum_memory_gtk=192
currently due to the calculation in rootskel S60frontend.

Thank you,
Steven Chamberlain
diff --git a/debian-installer-startup.d/S15lowmem b/debian-installer-startup.d/S15lowmem
index 23006f5..4ef5fe2 100644
--- a/debian-installer-startup.d/S15lowmem
+++ b/debian-installer-startup.d/S15lowmem
@@ -67,14 +67,16 @@ else
+		# Please see #696786 for how these were chosen
 			level1=134 # MT=138136, qemu: -m 224
 			level2=134 # MT=138136, qemu: -m 224
 			min=38     # MT=39444,  qemu: -m 128
-			level1=167 # MT=171480, qemu: -m 224
-			level2=167 # MT=171480, qemu: -m 224
-			min=72     # MT=73176,  qemu: -m 128
+		# Please see #696786 for how these were chosen
+			level1=39 # MT=40020, qemu: -m 96
+			level2=39 # MT=40020, qemu: -m 96
+			min=23    # MT=23636, qemu: -m 80
 			level1=349 # MT=358392, qemu: -m 350
Index: build/arch-options/kfreebsd-i386
--- build/arch-options/kfreebsd-i386	(revision 68419)
+++ build/arch-options/kfreebsd-i386	(working copy)
@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@
 # This is also in the lowmem package
 # This is also in the rootskel package, S60frontend
 # These two options should be set if condition 'smp' is set below
 # TODO: update
 smp_config_section="Processor type and features"

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