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Re: Bug#696786: please adjust MFSROOT_LIMIT; adjust lowmem thresholds

Hi Samuel,

On 27/12/12 09:56, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> I've applied your patches.

Thank you for that.

> How about i386?  Does its MFSROOT_LIMIT perhaps need to be increased?  I
> have updated its lowmem figures to match 128/224 too.

I really haven't tested this for kfreebsd-i386 yet.

But the MFSROOT_LIMIT for 32-bit is already at its maximum, according to
comments in the build/Makefile about VM address space.  I'll try to test
anyway to make sure it is really enough.

For the lowmem figures, I imagined kfreebsd-i386 might work with lower
thresholds, on systems with less RAM (around 64 to 96 MiB) but again I
should test this.

Something to be careful of was a quiet error in /var/log/syslog while
d-i is running, about devd running out of swap space (out of memory -
this is before any swap is mounted).  I've seen it happen for
kfreebsd-amd64 with less than 128 MiB memory - depending when it happens
it has led to partman crashing (so the installer gets stuck), or the
install proceeding despite some partitions not being mounted in /target/...

Steven Chamberlain

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