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Re: Bug#691754: LSI MegaRAID


On 31/10/12 19:51, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Do we know whether 9.1 will be fine for backports (Can we update the
> kernel keeping freebsd-utils and family at the same version)? 9.1 kernel
> would be nice for some features including intel drm.

Last time I tried, 9.1 (I think it was up to RC1 at the time) compiled +
booted in a VM, at least.  I think I remember some small incompatibility
in zfsutils.  I'm not sure what else needs to be tested.  I didn't try
X11 at all.

9.1 also has a newer ixbge driver from Intel, and a bugfix for a
particular Broadcom bge NIC which I have.

Steven Chamberlain

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