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Re: Bug#691754: LSI MegaRAID

I wonder why the kernel output mentions "mpt0:" rather than "mpslsi0:";
 it should be using the mps(4) driver for this card:


Anyway the man page says this driver was still in development.  Even if
some small fix exists for this particular issue at boot, it still might
not be stable.

However, FreeBSD 9.0-stable ships a newer driver from LSI (maybe it's
the same as the new mrsas driver mentioned in LSI's KB article?).


I guess this driver is being used with FreeBSD at Netflix (they claim to
use MPT2 controllers for their new CDN) and/or at Yahoo!;  note that
scottl reviewed many of the fixes in the changelog:


That suggests it would be technically possible to use the newer driver
with kFreeBSD 9.0, but the diff would be large, and maybe not the sort
of thing that could be introduced this late in the freeze for Wheezy?

After Wheezy is released we may be able to get the new mps(4) driver
into a point release, and/or at least get FreeBSD 9.1 into wheezy-backports,

Steven Chamberlain

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