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Re: Network not recognised during install.


I assume it is much too late for Wheezy, and IMHO whatever time people
have to work on this should be concentrated on RC bugs in the DFSG-free
version first...

But come the Jessie development cycle, I notice the upstream 9.1 kernel
made it easier to compile or not compile the non-free stuff
(WITHOUT_SOURCELESS mk knobs).  So maybe it would be convenient to
revisit this when updating the packaging (and particularly Debian's
patches) for 9.1.

On 28/08/12 21:12, Arno Töll wrote:
> On 28.08.2012 17:19, Petr Salinger wrote:
>> And that is the tough part :-(
> A simple work-around seems quite doable. As a very first solution I propose:
> a) Rewrite the prune script, so that it builds two tarballs, one
> containing the current repacked source tarball (kfreebsd-9), and another
> one containing nothing but the delta to that tarball (kfreebsd-9-firmware)

I think it would be easiest to just have a source package like the
existing one 'with prune, without_sourceless=on', and a new separate
non-free source package 'without prune, without_sourceless=off' which
builds all the same binary packages again (with some distinguishing
suffix) plus some extra modules containing the actual non-free stuff.

That results in some overlap/duplication, but is that a problem?  With
the other method, there is a risk that enabling some non-free component
could have affected how one of the 'free' components is built, maybe?

I suspect there are some modules that build differently either with or
without firmware (isp maybe?  although that isn't for networking).

Producing a non-free installer image would be the end-goal of this
effort, I think.  To someone who doesn't have networking enabled at all,
only having to download one small module to get it working, isn't much
of an advantage.

Steven Chamberlain

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