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Re: Network not recognised during install.

On 28.08.2012 17:19, Petr Salinger wrote:
> And that is the tough part :-(

A simple work-around seems quite doable. As a very first solution I propose:

a) Rewrite the prune script, so that it builds two tarballs, one
containing the current repacked source tarball (kfreebsd-9), and another
one containing nothing but the delta to that tarball (kfreebsd-9-firmware)
b) Provide a new binary package called kfreebsd9-source providing the
repacked kernel source, built from the the kfreebsd-9 source package.
c) Make the kfreebsd-9-firmware build-depend on kfreebsd9-source
d) Rebuild the kernel for kfreebsd-9-firmware again, throw away every
module built by kfreebsd-9 already, package the remaining modules in a
new (set of) binary package(s).
e) Upload kfreebsd-9 to main, kfreebsd-9-firmware to non-free
f) Produce some unofficial netinst images (alike firmware-images [1])
which contains the non-free modules, make the d-i aware of that package.

Sadly this might be too late for Wheezy I fear :/

This doesn't sound too complicated, I've some concrete ideas how a) to
e) would work. But I clearly lack d-i knowledge. Any thoughts on my


with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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