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Re: Installation problems

On 25/08/12 22:20, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> I already suspected that grub-probe is having trouble with msdos
> extended partitions, at least with ZFS.

msdos extended partitions are apparently very special. Alas, I run XP,
and need five partitions on that disk, so I don't really have a choice.

This is UFS, FWIW.

> That's extremely great.  Did you not have to create an
> /etc/X11/xorg.conf?  I though HAL bug #683833 would have stopped Xorg
> from starting otherwise?
> Just curious, but which desktop environment are you running?

apt-get install wmaker xorg.

I did need to reboot to make the mouse work. I think when hal got
installed it didn't start up properly. I didn't test accelerated
graphics, but it certainly didn't behave like software-only.

> OpenJDK 7 can build on Wheezy, if you have powerful enough hardware, it
> just takes half a day.
> I'll also have to try building chromium-browser, as I think only libv8
> support was missing before, and I pretty much got that working (but not
> in time for the freeze).  Maybe we'll have this for wheezy-backports too.

Are these likely to appear in sid soon? As this is just a test install
I'm not tied to wheezy, and I'd be interested in giving them a try.

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