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Re: Installation problems


On 25/08/12 21:53, David Given wrote:
> Just to clarify: I have a ufs partition in a DOS extended partition, and
> I want to install the grub boot loader into the extended partition's
> boot sector. Is anyone else using this setup?

Ahhh.  Either of these two things might be a problem...

I already suspected that grub-probe is having trouble with msdos
extended partitions, at least with ZFS.

And installing the GRUB bootloader to a partition isn't something I've
tried myself yet.

> It would be nice if Debian's grub could automagically detect kFreeBSD
> installations.

If the bootloader got installed successfully to a partition, I suspect
it (Debian Linux) would then be able to find that.  And would give you a
'chainloader' GRUB entry.  Something we definitely should test though.

> Once booted, I have to say it's extremely pleasant to use and seems
> exceedingly slick. Installing X Just Worked [...]

That's extremely great.  Did you not have to create an
/etc/X11/xorg.conf?  I though HAL bug #683833 would have stopped Xorg
from starting otherwise?

Just curious, but which desktop environment are you running?

> If only it had Chrome and OpenJDK; I could actually *use* it for real
> work...

OpenJDK 7 can build on Wheezy, if you have powerful enough hardware, it
just takes half a day.

The reason it's not distributed yet is that the buildds are required to
run Squeeze's version of schroot, which triggers an odd build failure
that we couldn't make sense of.  At the very least it should become
available through wheezy-backports after the release.

I'll also have to try building chromium-browser, as I think only libv8
support was missing before, and I pretty much got that working (but not
in time for the freeze).  Maybe we'll have this for wheezy-backports too.

Thanks for your testing and feedback!

Steven Chamberlain

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