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Re: Upstream kernel support


On 17/08/12 11:56, Robert Millan wrote:
>> [...] It seems likely we would want to release 9.1
>> through t-p-u, for the first point release after wheezy. [...]
> It's harder than it looks. It wouldn't surprise me if this forced
> upgrade of userland part of the stack too, like transition to 9.0 did.

Okay then.

I guess we could try to offer 9.1 through wheezy-backports, along with
any new versions of userland tools needed to make it usable.

And we might be able to backport a few bits into 9.0 in wheezy if
needed.  Starting with the #683739 fix needed for haxe of course, if it
doesn't make the release.

I had a problem with bge(4) crashing a box every few days (BCM5703 only
when used on a AMD-8131 PCI-X controller as in the Sun Fire v20z).
There were small patches committed to 9.0-STABLE that seem to have fixed
it.  I guess this type of thing would be much easier to get into s-p-u?

And I think I recall Christoph having trouble with ixgbe(4).  But the
ixgbe changeset from 9.0 to 9.1 is huge (new driver version from
upstream).  For this sort of thing, I think it would be convenient if a
9.1 backport was available to users.

Steven Chamberlain

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