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Re: Using Linux emulation in FreeBSD to run a Debian Linux userland

On 13/07/12 14:44, Richard Yao wrote:
> [...] It might be easier to make some changes to FreeBSD's
> linux emulation and Debian Linux's packages so that the FreeBSD kernel
> could boot a Linux userland using the same binaries used in Debian
> Linux.


I found some old answers to a similar question here:


I think, GNU/kFreeBSD is already capable of much more than could ever be
achieved through Linux syscall emulation.  This means being able to do
things that Linux itself cannot.  Also FreeBSD differs a lot in its X
server, device drivers and networking, and userland software has to
become more flexible to handle this, but I see that as a healthy thing.

What you propose sounds like it could be a totally different project,
something that couldn't produce a complete Debian port, but still
interesting.  Using the Linux emulation on top of a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
host might be useful, perhaps within jails, or through Debian's
multiarch support.  I imagine it could have uses in some web hosting
environments, at least.

Steven Chamberlain

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