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Re: Bug#679128: useless (?) dichotomy: sysfs is located under /bin on kfreebsd systems, while /sbin on Linuxes

I have done some checks for what paths are used to reach sysctl

The only other package assuming [^s]bin/sysctl is:

/srv/ftp.debian.org/mirror/pool/main/f/freebsd-buildutils/freebsd-buildutils_9.0-11_kfreebsd-i386.deb:Binary file (standard input) matches
/srv/ftp.debian.org/mirror/pool/main/f/freebsd-buildutils/freebsd-buildutils_9.0-11_kfreebsd-amd64.deb:Binary file (standard input) matches

while the others (if I search for bin/sysctl) /sbin/sysctl or actually some
exclusively /usr/sbin/sysctl (thus worth of imho closer look/reports, and that
is why kept Craig in CC)

the scripts I used to generate lists happen some needs them

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