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Bug#679128: useless (?) dichotomy: sysfs is located under /bin on kfreebsd systems, while /sbin on Linuxes

On Wed, 27 Jun 2012, Craig Small wrote:
> > is there any specific reason or could it be shipped under /sbin/ ?
> Ask the freebsd-utils people, after all it is their program and not
> mine. 


debian/freebsd-utils.install:debian/local/scripts/bin/sysctl        /bin
debian/freebsd-utils-udeb.install:sbin/sysctl/sysctl            /bin

.8 itself suggests /sbin isn't it? ;)

> dpkg -S `which sysctl` would of told you where sysctl comes from.

d'oh -- sad part that I have done that but on non-kfreebsd systems,

$> dpkg -S `which sysctl`
procps: /sbin/sysctl

and then I saw in procps's debian/rules explicit removal of /sbin/sysctl
so I just thought that it was for some reason installed under both /bin/ and
/sbin/... "it was late" would be my excuse

> Alternatively reportbug on the program name would of given the right
> package too.

I could not reportbug on porter boxes due to absent reportbug (tried that) :-P

> FWIW, procps won't be moving sysctl  to /bin (for non-freebsd platforms)

And please don't! ;) /sbin/ is the location for it (unless that
everything-in-one-bin movement wins)

> reassign 679128 freebsd-utils
> thankyou

thank you!

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