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Re: freebsd-utils_9.0+ds1-6_kfreebsd-i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

On 21/06/12 19:47, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
> freebsd-utils (9.0+ds1-6) unstable; urgency=medium
>  .
>   * Fix FTBFS (missing libutil.h).
>   * Remove handling of kbdcontrol.conf, now obsoleted by
>     /etc/init.d/keyboard-setup.  (Closes: #677915)

Hmmm this build-depends on a newer version of freebsd-glue than exists
in the archive or VCS?


Was that a mistake, or is there going to be an upload of that too?  In
the latter case, an urgency=low upload of freebsd-glue would now need a
freeze unblock.

Steven Chamberlain

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