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Re: Bug#674942: ruby blocks buildd for a day (or more)


On 04/06/12 01:35, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Some do. See dependency graph for testing migration, attached.

Wow, I knew a lot was waiting on ruby1.8 (a security fix too) but the
graph is impressive.

perl has been waiting on new eglibc too, and apr.

> eglibc upload, eglibc build, chroot upgrades, give backs is going to
> take time, even if the eglibc upload happens “soon”.

It's already been uploaded (later than promised, but looks like Aurelien
hit some multiarch complications), it just built on kfreebsd-i386, only
waiting on kfreebsd-amd64 and then I intended to nag Christoph about the
rest.  And there are some maintainers I promised to mail when this happens.

After ruby1.8 is built, I hope ruby-rmagick and rcov can build after
givebacks.  (Due to a fix going in for #675347, which is not really
kfreebsd-* specific).

And there are other packages I should test (like guitarix, where there
were hangs in the waf build system), to see if the new eglibc helps there.

Steven Chamberlain

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