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Re: Bug#661283: cmor: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64


Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> writes:
> This issue was worked around with a binNMU.  It is fixed in kfreebsd-8
> VCS and kfreebsd-9 unstable by raising DFLDSIZ.
> I don't know if this has been changed yet on the buildd's, which I think
> run a squeeze kernel but DFLDSIZ is a boot-time configurable setting.

  The buildds will only get the new kernel some time after the wheezy
release (It *might* be possible to get a backports kernel but only iff
we are really sure the kfreebsd-8 kernel from testing rebuilt in stable
will work well with freebsd-utils and stuff from 8.1. If it's boot-time
setable I can ask DSA to have it set on the buildds -- do you have some
documentation about that? And it's currently only causing trouble with
cmor, right?



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