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Re: Bug#661283: cmor: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64

On 04/05/12 23:10, Robert Millan wrote:
> Actually, I think that increasing DFLDSIZ might not be the only
> solution.  DFLDSIZ only sets the default limit, but for login shells
> it is increased automatically.

Upstream does it that way, but I'm not sure if GNU/kFreeBSD does (I see
no mention of ulimit in /etc?).  But if so, it would explain why this
was reproducible on buildd's and not on the asdfasdf porter box.

Raising DFLSIZ seems like the best way to me, as the buildd's will need
it, and some daemons like mysql or postgres seem to want a larger data
size anyway.

> I think it's still an issue for kfreebsd-i386? But in any case, it's
> not RC as cmor never supported kfreebsd-i386 before.

You're right, there's still a separate, non-RC bug for that:  #598745

Even with 'ulimit -d unlimited', kfreebsd-i386 is bounded by MAXDSIZ =
512 MiB whereas cmor would need ~700ish.  I suppose that and DFLDSIZ
could be raised to 1 GiB on kfreebsd-i386 to try to fix this, but no
higher as explained in:


Steven Chamberlain

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