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Re: Bug#668794: reopen

Hi Ondřej,

Thanks for forwarding this upstream.  It seems to me that it'll be
best to get them involved.  It takes either someone with a clear idea
of golang codebase or a complete audit to properly resolve this.  And
we don't have time for a complete audit :-(

El 16 d’abril de 2012 10:29, Ondřej Surý <ondrej@sury.org> ha escrit:
> Anyway I agree that the problem needs to be fixed upstream, but I would suggest
> that we keep GNU/KFreeBSD build enabled for the moment and if this cannot be
> fixed before freeze, we can always disable it. It would be shame to disable this
> build right now, because there would be basically no push to make it
> work (if there
> is more stuff broken than just the tests).
> Thus I am downgrading the severity to important, so it doesn't block
> transition, and
> will take care of GNU/KFreeBSD builds somewhere around June.
> Is that ok with you?

I'm worried that other packages could begin depending on golang on
kfreebsd-*, and then it can be a mess if we have to pull it off.  But
I understand your interest in providing it.  Please do keep in mind
that we have very little manpower.

Robert Millan

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