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found 668794 2:1-4

Hi Ondřej,

I notice you disabled the golang testsuite because it hangs on
GNU/kFreeBSD.  However, the problem is still present, and chances are
it makes golang unusable on that platform.

I gave the source a look, and it seems that on GNU/kFreeBSD golang is
playing with thread primitives, bypassing libc.  For example it
invokes thr_new() kernel call directly, and also calls sigprocmask()
to reset the signal mask in code that is clearly multithreaded [1].

This means that either golang intends to completely replace
libpthread, or it intends to play along with existing libpthread.  I'm
not sure which one applies here, but in both cases there is a problem
that needs to be fixed in golang.

So please don't disable the testsuite.  If golang can't be built on
GNU/kFreeBSD, unless you know it's a bug in the system libraries the
problem needs to be fixed in golang.  If nobody can spend the time to
fix it here, then you should consider not providing the package for

[1] On multithreaded programs, use of sigprocmask() is reserved to
system libraries.

Robert Millan

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