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Re: Bug#593139: ruby1.9.1: FTBFS on kfreebsd: test suite segfaults

found ruby1.9.1/


I found that debian/run-test-suites.bash sometimes passes all tests
except for test_fork:12.

But other tests like test_io and thest_thread fail/hang sometimes.


I also came up with the attached BUG when running test_io on its own.

Steven Chamberlain
TestIO#test_dup_many = -e:4: [BUG] rb_update_max_fd: invalid fd (-1) given.
ruby 1.9.3p0 (2011-10-30 revision 33570) [i486-kfreebsd-gnu]

-- Control frame information -----------------------------------------------
c:0007 p:---- s:0019 b:0019 l:000018 d:000018 CFUNC  :pipe
c:0006 p:0018 s:0016 b:0015 l:00073c d:000014 BLOCK  -e:4
c:0005 p:---- s:0013 b:0013 l:000012 d:000012 FINISH
c:0004 p:---- s:0011 b:0011 l:000010 d:000010 CFUNC  :loop
c:0003 p:0025 s:0008 b:0008 l:00073c d:0016dc EVAL   -e:4
c:0002 p:---- s:0004 b:0004 l:000003 d:000003 FINISH
c:0001 p:0000 s:0002 b:0002 l:00073c d:00073c TOP

-- Ruby level backtrace information ----------------------------------------
-e:4:in `<main>'
-e:4:in `loop'
-e:4:in `block in <main>'
-e:4:in `pipe'

-- C level backtrace information -------------------------------------------
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281c7f0b] vm_dump.c:796
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280b937b] error.c:258
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280b9af4] error.c:277
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280da785] io.c:159
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280e667b] io.c:4919
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280e6722] io.c:8133
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281b2ca5] vm_insnhelper.c:317
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281c046d] vm_insnhelper.c:404
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281b6500] insns.def:1015
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281bcc2b] vm.c:1220
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281c1ace] vm.c:624
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280bd881] eval.c:639
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281b2ed2] vm_eval.c:826
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281b2c8d] vm_insnhelper.c:320
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281c046d] vm_insnhelper.c:404
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281b6500] insns.def:1015
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281bcc2b] vm.c:1220
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x281c4485] vm.c:1461
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280bc86c] eval.c:204
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280bd3a4] eval.c:251
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x280bed66] eval.c:244
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x8048718]
/lib/i386-kfreebsd-gnu/i686/cmov/libc.so.0.1(__libc_start_main+0xab) [0x283184fb]
/home/steven/ruby1.9.1- [0x8048741]

-- Other runtime information -----------------------------------------------

* Loaded script: -e

* Loaded features:

    0 enumerator.so
    1 /home/steven/ruby1.9.1-
    2 /home/steven/ruby1.9.1-
    3 /home/steven/ruby1.9.1-
    4 /home/steven/ruby1.9.1-
    5 /home/steven/ruby1.9.1-
    6 /home/steven/ruby1.9.1-
    7 /home/steven/ruby1.9.1-
    8 /home/steven/ruby1.9.1-

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Bug reports are welcome.
For details: http://www.ruby-lang.org/bugreport.html

0.08 s = F

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