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Re: schroot: mount: exec mount_nullfs not found: No such file or directory

Hi Robert,

On 12/02/2012 22:24, Robert Millan wrote:
If someone can confirm this fixes the problem, I could cherry-pick the
execvP() fix from upstream, but that requires importing the whole
execvP() implementation so I'd rather be sure it's what we need.

Could someone please check if 044_mount_exec.diff is the culprit?

Yes, it works without 044_mount_exec.diff !

FTR, during rebuild of freebsd-utils-9.0 without 044_mount_exec.diff, it FTBFS with an "error: redefinition of 'getvfsbyname'". It seems to come from getvfsbyname redefined debian/patches/tmp_glibc.diff.

I think that debian/patches/tmp_glibc.diff should be dropped since 2.13-26 is in unstable now. But maybe I'm just plain wrong as I'm not following kfreebsd closely...


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