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Re: schroot: mount: exec mount_nullfs not found: No such file or directory

On 12/02/12 20:52, Robert Millan wrote:
> I recently applied this patch in mount to support /usr/sbin helpers:
> http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/glibc-bsd/trunk/freebsd-utils/debian/patches/044_mount_exec.diff?revision=4047&view=markup
> could you try rebuilding freebsd-utils without it?


I tested that /lib/freebsd/mount (for which /bin/mount is wrapper
script) does accept a user-specified PATH when looking for a helper to
execute.  But fortunately it is not setuid (at least on my own Squeeze

If anyone allows the use of sudo for /bin/mount, that should reset the
environment to something sane, so they should not be at risk.

> If this patch is the problem, we could use execvP() instead (like upstream did).

I see that upstream previously searched /sbin then /usr/sbin, before
rewriting it to use execvP with _PATH_SYSPATH which is

Steven Chamberlain

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