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Re: grub-install fails due to wrong target disk

El 29 de desembre de 2011 2:42, Thomas H. <thomas@alternize.com> ha escrit:
> the debian installer sees the drives as such:
> /dev/da0 = disk01 of the j4200 enclosure
> /dev/da1 = disk02 of the j4200 enclosure
> /dev/da2 = disk03 of the j4200 enclosure
> /dev/da3 = disk04 of the j4200 enclosure
> /dev/da4 = disk05 of the j4200 enclosure
> /dev/da5 = disk06 of the j4200 enclosure
> /dev/da6 = internal disk 1 (boot drive)
> /dev/da7 = internal disk 2
> i selected /dev/da6s1 as the zfs root partition. unfortunately, during grub2
> installation, the installer tries to setup grub in /dev/da0 instead of
> /dev/da6, which fails. instead of
>  grub-install --no-floppy --force "/dev/da0"
> it should use
>  grub-install --no-floppy --force "/dev/da6"

There's a debconf template in grub-pc package to ask user which
disk(s) should GRUB be installed to.  I think grub-installer should
either offer the same functionality, or just rely on this template
externally (if possible).

Please could you file a bug on grub-installer?

Robert Millan

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