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Re: grub-install fails due to wrong target disk

On 29/12/11 01:42, Thomas H. wrote:
> it should use
>   grub-install --no-floppy --force "/dev/da6"
> is there a way to run grub-install manually from a 2nd console during
> the installation, or any other way to get grub2 installed on /dev/da6?

Hi Thomas,

If you Alt-F2/F3 into a spare console, I imagine you can do:

  chroot /target /bin/bash

and then run the grub-install command manually.

You should then Alt-F1 back into the installer menu and say 'Continue
without a bootloader' as there are some other things it does before it

BTW, were you installing the Squeeze release (kfreebsd-8)?   Or one of
the Wheezy testing images (kfreebsd-9) from:


Steven Chamberlain

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