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Console screen fonts and non-US ASCII.

Dear all,

upstream FreeBSD is neglecting non-US characters for the console,
which carries over also to GNU/kFreeBSD. Well, to be exact it was
possible to get scandinavian vowels in FreeBSD 6.4, but that
was gone in 8.0, thus also for us. My guess is that the same
thing holds for German vowels, Catalonian, and Czech characters.
This is unbecoming for Debian! I will use Scandinavian as show case.

In addition the Debian installer correctly asks for locale,
but forgets to propagate that to the console keyboard setting,
so it is only manually that I got "swedish.iso", after tormenting
myself with default US keyboard layout for a longer time.

The interesting thing is, that after activation of "swedish.iso",
then Vim when used in a virtual console will accept Swedish vowels as
blank, invisible characters. They cannot be displayed at a virtual
console, but once transported to OpenBSD or GNU/Linux they are printable
and correct at with their console drivers. (OpenBSD does not accept
swedish vowels at the command line, but prints them correctly in
a virtual console. Vim prints and accepts them correctly also in
a console!)

Thus the keyboard map of GNU/kFreeBSD is complete, but the screen
font table is severely incomplete. Must this be solved by us,
or could we get upstream interested in the matter?

Best regards,
  Mats E A

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