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Re: TCP_KEEPIDLE on kfreebsd

On 23. Dec 2011, at 04:19 , Benjamin Kaduk wrote:

> On Fri, 23 Dec 2011, peter green wrote:
>> While looking at why stud FTBFS on all architectures except i386 and amd64 (as part of looking at armhf build failures to try to increase armhf's build percentage) I decided to take a look at why it wasn't building on kfreebsd. I discovered that it was trying to use the socket option TCP_KEEPIDLE.
>> Does freebsd/kfreebsd have an equivilent to this socket option?
> Judging from http://fxr.watson.org/fxr/source/netinet/tcp_timer.c it's just SO_KEEPALIVE.  Note that the always_keepalive sysctl defaults to on, so people should be getting keepalives most of the time unless they do something special.

We had two independent patches (also trying to get NetBSD, Darwin and Linux compat) and enhancement, which are currently under review.  FreeBSD 9 has spares for this so it can be merged to stable/9 easily.  The change will add KEEPINTVL, KEEPCNT, KEEPINIT and KEEPIDLE (badly named but already pseudo industry standard).


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