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Re: Bug#652482: FTBTFS on kfreebsd-*: No package 'libnm-glib' found

On 18/12/11 02:22, Robert Millan wrote:
> Unless upstream can be persuaded to take a different direction, my
> only suggestion is to make gnome-shell a Linux-only package by setting
> its Architecture field to "linux-any".


I've been unable to build libnm-util without Linux Wireless Extensions;
 it seems to be needed in a few places other than the wireless and
wireless-security components.  Maybe upstream could add a configure
option and ifdefs to still be able to build it without certain features.

The (unofficial?) gnome3 FreeBSD porting effort decided it was easier to
just remove network-manager from gnome-shell:




But it sounds like gnome-shell on FreeBSD is still unstable for other
reasons too.

Steven Chamberlain

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