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Re: Please test zfsutils 9.0~svn226163-1

* We could get rid of the last delta in 01_glibc_kludge.diff and the
whole (hacky and ugly) 16-wrap-cdefs.diff if kfreebsd-kernel-headers
would export cdefs.h like it does upstream [2].

Could you fix this in kfreebsd-kernel-headers instead?

<sys/cdefs.h> comes from eglibc, it is same on all platforms.
On the other hand, libbsd-dev provides it in "overlay" (bsd/sys/cdefs.h),
may be it can be extended. Limitation is that it is libbsd-dev, not libfreebsd-dev.

* 15_pthread_compat.diff is a terrible hack. The upstream source uses
pthread_mutex_isowned_np now which is supported in FreeBSD's libthr, but
not in glibc pthread (apparently). The implementation of the function is
simple, unfortunately our pthread_mutex_t type is not compatible either
(seems to be a struct on FreeBSD, but (apparently) a scalar on glibc),
so I made the code to be a no-op instead. Its usage is on assert() only,
checking entry points of some functions. I guess disabling the call has
no unwanted side effects on the functionality I hope.

Maybe we can put it as inline stub in glibc headers instead?  E.g.

static inline
pthread_mutex_isowned_np (...)

No, especially as layout of pthread_mutex_t is (should be) private to pthread library. You are only allowed to use library functions and static initializer to manipulate with it. I do anticipate that internal layout will be changed during move from linuxthreads based implementation.


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