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Re: Sharing ZFS pools

Thanks for your answers Robert and Arno,

Good to know that NFS doesn't work that well, even though it is possible to use with ZFS.

I didn't know about iSCSI, but after having read about it it seems like a good alternative, so I will try the istgt package.

On Oct 2, 2011, at 11:58 AM, Arno Töll wrote:

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> Hello,
> On 02.10.2011 10:38, akindo wrote:
>> It seems that ZFS for kFreeBSD doesn't support the set sharenfs=on 
>> and set sharesmb=on commands. Does this mean I cannot share my ZFS
>> pool to other networked machines in any way? This is my goal.
> Robert gave you a very good answer in the other thread, so just for the
> sake of completeness: share<whatever>=on does not work on kfreebsd but
> it neither does on FreeBSD.
> Those are Solaris specific extensions. In Debian (or pure FreeBSD as
> well), Samba, NFS and iSCSI aren't part of the core system and are not
> configured that way. However you can still just configure each of those
> protocols by using a traditional standalone daemon. Just install samba,
> freebsd-nfs-server or istgt respectively.
> As Robert says, NFS does not really work too well for the time being.
> That's a kfreebsd specific problem, indeed.
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