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Re: kfreeBSD d-i (squeeze) usable via PXE and serial console (IPMI)?

2011/8/11 Carsten Aulbert <Carsten.Aulbert@aei.mpg.de>:
> Hi
> an additional problem found while running iozone on the zpool:
> dmesg shows:
> [...]
> mfi0: COMMAND 0xffffff8000b38ec0 TIMEOUT AFTER 3221 SECONDS

Were you using /dev/mfi0 as a block device?  Remember that the block
device is /dev/mfid0, not /dev/mfi0.

> Is the driver bad? No problems found under Linux so far... But I suppose I
> should direct this question upstream, right?

Yes.  See http://www.freebsd.org/send-pr.html

Robert Millan

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