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Re: kfreeBSD d-i (squeeze) usable via PXE and serial console (IPMI)?

2011/8/10 Carsten Aulbert <Carsten.Aulbert@aei.mpg.de>:
> I think the kernel (and possibly also d-i) is now booting with grub2pxe,
> however I have yet to find how to use a serial console with it (if at all
> possible). Some sites seem to suggest '-h' as a command line argument to the
> kernel which is a bit moot if I want to tell it to use the second serial port
> with certain speeds (115200n8).
> Do you happen to have a quick pointer as well while I continue searching?

With GRUB there's the "serial" command.  For kFreeBSD I don't know.
Did you check the FreeBSD handbook?

Robert Millan

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