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Re: Seeking port of spamd/openbsd

2011/8/4 Sebastian Schoeller <sebastian.schoeller@gmail.com>:
> 1. Nginx/Lighttpd/Apache2
> 2. Dovecot/Postfix/Spamassassin/(Spamd)
> 3. Mailman/Mysql
> 4. Froxlor Management Interface (Managing mailman, dovecot mostly)

This looks like a fairly standard setup, I don't think you'll have any
trouble. In particular I've personally tested Apache2 and MySQL in

> We have no FreeBSD people so anytime we
> run into some technical issues we will be hopelessly lost.

If you run into trouble you can ask here for help anytime.

> 1. Will it be possible with to do dist-upgrade?
> 2. Are kernel security-updates included?

Yes and yes.  Just like Debian GNU/Linux.

> 3. Is the future for Debian/kfreebsd secure enough to run this thing on a
> server for the next 5 or so years?

At the very least, Squeeze release is garanteed during its entire life
cycle, which could last 3 years or so.  Then you can upgrade to
Wheezy, assuming we manage to meet the requirements (which is very

> These are some left over questions. I have started to fumble about with the
> spamd source code. Unfortunately the build system seems to be different and
> there are some dependacies I cannot easily resolve. My make+gcc+C knowledge
> is close to zero anyhow. I will continue step-by-step trying to read up on
> the Internet.

Try installing freebsd-buildutils, then running
"PATH=/usr/lib/freebsd:$PATH make" from the source tree.

Robert Millan

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