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notes from the kfreebsd BoF


thanks to everyone for showing up at the BoF! It was really nice to see
the people behind all the work. Here's an a bit cleaned up version of
the gobby notes that were written during the meeting:

# First we had a round of introductions were people mostly described why
# they are interested in kfreebsd:

router daemon --lunar
using freebsd, generally interested --wouter
long time developer for the port, obsessed with porting --aurel32
curious, never used, will eventually use ZFS for my business needs --zigo
systemd maintainer --tfheen
hurd maintainer, d-i & its manual maintainer, might use to run an ISP --samuel (youpi)
alternative kernel (choice, different development method and focus) --mike
shows GNU/Linux isn't the only GNU system + kernel option --mike
helps hurd --mike
I can help with qa --mike
likes bastards and exots, marketing (talks, interviews) --abe (XTaran)
zfs great, solaris horrible --Hydroxide/Jimmy
useless as such but important for the project, therefore important that live-build gets support for building kfreebsd images and looking forward to fix that --Daniel Baumann (dba)
obsessed with porting for LTSP --vagrantc
simpler kernel (less bugs? easier to study?), lowers barrier of entry for other kernels --lindi
java? --torsten

# And then we quickly came up with an agenda of topics to discuss:

* systemd/init system
 - write new implementation, perhaps using ptrace?
* Linux/FreeBSD-specific packages
 - mainly to make FTBFS statistics more reliable?
 - propose linux-any to policy as a requirement for packages that don't build/make no sense on non-linux
 - If a package has OSS then build it with OSS (at least on kfreebsd & hurd). Needs policy change?
* Installation manual
  - needs fixes here and there, not very difficult, just has to be proofread & fixed
  - release notes have to be written for the next stable release, it would make sense to start them from scratch as most of the current notes concern upgrade from the previous version
* Live-build (making a kFreeBSD live CD, this will help gain more interest)
* live system specifics:
  - how stable is unionfs? (double file listing when do 'ls') if you can reproduce this, please talk on #debian-kbsd (will do)
  - compression for the rootfs: zfs suitable? anything better/simpler?
  - Maybe have a look at Freesbie Live-CD how they do it? http://www.freesbie.org/
  - http://livecd.sourceforge.net/ ?
* ltsp
  - stability of tmpfs?
  - unionfs with NFS?
  - NBD like feature?
    => there is something called 'GEOM gate', (http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/handbook/geom-ggate.html) but it is *completely* different
  - initramfs-tools ?

* hardware support
  - wireless: problem with the firmware, we should implement a way to load firmwares
* people are removing OSS support, and libsalsa provides ALSA emulation, but old version only (1.0.5 plus a few bits)


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