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Re: technology release

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 08:06:42PM +0200, Nicolas Barbier wrote:
> 2011/7/22, David Balažic <xerces9@gmail.com>:
> > During my last days experience, I never noticed that Debian/kbsd is a
> > Technology Preview.
> > Not while reading the docs, on the download site or during installation.
> Debian website → Ports/Architectures → Debian GNU/kFreeBSD:
> “First officially released with Debian 6.0 as a technology preview and
> the first non-Linux port released by Debian. Port of the Debian GNU
> system to the kernel of FreeBSD.”
So its status is still officially "a technology preview"?


Debian pushes development of kFreeBSD port

October 7th, 2009

The Debian Release Team is pleased to announce that it sees the port of the Debian system to the FreeBSD kernel fit to be handled equal with the other release ports. The upcoming release codenamed 'Squeeze' is planned to be the first Debian distribution to be released with Linux and FreeBSD kernels.

The kFreeBSD architectures for the AMD64/Intel EM64T and i386 processor architectures are now release architectures. Severe bugs on these architectures will be considered release critical the same way as bugs on other architectures like armel or i386 are. If a particular package does not build or work properly on such an architecture this problem is considered release-critical.

Debian's main motivation for the inclusion of the FreeBSD kernel into the official release process is the opportunity to offer to its users a broader choice of kernels and also include a kernel that provides features such as jails, the OpenBSD Packet Filter and support for NDIS drivers in the mainline kernel with full support.

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