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Re: Hang on first login

On 21 July 2011 23:42, Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi David,
> 2011/7/21 David Balažic <xerces9@gmail.com>:
>> Hi!
>> After installing debian kbsd amd64, I rebooted and on the graphical
>> login screen I entered my login data.
>> A dialog appeared, that Power Manager is .... hanging or not
>> responding, I forgot the exact wording.
>> There were three button , the second was "Cancel", the third "Logout
>> Anyway" (???).
>> After a second I clicked Cancel.
>> Since then the same image is shown.
>> The login dialog (username/password) ghosted, the bar at the bottom.
>> This is my first contact with Debian after a decade, and the first with freebsd.
>> What to do next?
> For this kind of things it is best if you file a bug report, and when
> asked by reportbug tell it to send a copy to
> debian-bsd@lists.debian.org
> The first question that comes to mind is: are you using squeeze or
> wheezy/sid?  Default gdm3 setup should work on squeeze, but there are

I booted this and just followed it from there. So I guess it is squeeze.


> known critical problems in wheezy/sid.  If you want a system for
> production, and specially for desktop day-to-day usage, squeeze is
> your best option.
> If you're into development or want to help us by discovering and
> reporting new bugs, then consider wheezy or sid.

I went for Debian to _stop_ discovering and reporting new bugs. :(


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