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Re: iSCSI target for kfreebsd

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Hi Xin Li,

thank you a lot for joining this discussion, much appreciated.

On 03.05.2011 20:58, Xin LI wrote:
> iet is a ported version of Linux "iSCSI Enterprise Target" by QuadStor
> systems (Shivaram Upadhyayula; cc'ed).  It's not based on FreeBSD's
> Linux compatibility layer, though, and therefore I believe that it would
> work on Debian/kFreeBSD without much changes.

I am not concerned about portability, I'm pretty optimistic it could be
ported straightforward to kfreebsd. I am curious whether we can assume,
you as upstream source provider of this patch are confident to maintain
it over a long term, a tight integration into FreeBSD's/FreeNAS iSCSI
concept would be such an indicator. See this is definitively not a
trivial patch and I'm unsure whether your upstream source (i.e. the
iscsitarget project, also invited to join this discussion - please start
on http://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2011/05/msg00001.html) is
interested to merge your patch for example.

Once this patch would enter Debian Stable we would have to provide
security patches for roughly 3 years, perhaps even more and moreover we
would rely on you porting every now and then your patch to a new
upstream version or adapt it to new FreeBSD kernels if necessary.

> Our initial test on iet have shown very good performance, but that test
> does not cover using ZFS zvol volumes.  Currently FreeNAS is still using
> istgt as its iSCSI implementation and with some tuning it can saturate
> GigE in our test.

Sounds great. Do you have plans to support ZFS volumes within a
forseeable time frame?

> Personally I'd prefer iet more, as its configuration is more
> understandable for people with some experience with other iSCSI
> products, but for licensing reasons it might not be a good choice for
> inclusion in FreeBSD base system unless there is some very appealing
> reasons, as people can always install a new version of iet from ports.

That's exactly my point, see my concerns above. Moreover I personally
would prefer iet as well, as I know it from Linux where it is best known
for its stability and performance and it exists in Debian already.

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with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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