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Re: Kernel capabilities in buildd machines

måndag den 14 mars 2011 klockan 20:06 skrev Petr Salinger detta:
>>> Why is this capability needed in running kernel on buildd ?
> No, the headers come from kfreebsd-kernel-headers package,
> the 0.54 will be based on 8.2.
> My question is "why is this capability needed in running kernel".

It clearly does not, given the correct autotools infrastructure.
The NAT-T message was conditioned on mismatch on "*-kfreebsd-*".

> May be the detection of nat can be forced somehow. Or the test does not  
> work on kfreebsd - see configure.ac:
> AC_MSG_CHECKING(kernel NAT-Traversal support)
> case $host_os in
> freebsd*|netbsd*)
> ...
> There is no match for kfreebsd*.

Yes there is in the experimental package, but not
for the unstable package.

ipsec-tools_0.7.3-18 builds correctly on my machine
under the provision to use libssl-dev at 0.9.8.

On Fasch and Finzi the package is still hit by the
premature symbol versioning of the new tool chain,
which my cheating with older libraries avoids.

My original issue is soon to be resolved.


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