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Re: glibc port to kfreebsd/mips

2011/2/25 Carlos O'Donell <carlos@codesourcery.com>:
>> - Static binaries only; Dynamic linker crashes (both ld.so and libdl,
>> although libdl works for small objects).
>> - NSS (hence getpwuid et al) crashes as it relies on libdl.
>> - TLS not implemented as it requires some kernel fixes first.
>> - Thread support not implemented either (but LinuxThreads is needed for build).
> Please don't use LinuxThreads for a new port. It is unmaintained.

I know, but other kfreebsd-gnu ports already use LinuxThreads, so
getting it to build on mips*-kfreebsd-gnu was much easier this way.

> Is there any reason you aren't using NPTL? Lack of futex-compatible
> syscall?

To be honest, I haven't really investigated if the syscalls used by
FreeBSD userland (libkse and libthr) can be used to implement
futex funcionality.  I believe that porting NPTL to kernel of FreeBSD
would require significant effort.


Robert Millan

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