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Re: Xorg NVIDIA proprietary driver -- little problem

First I had to install freebsd-utils to use freebsd-make.
Then I get into the NVIDIA* directory (NVIDIA BSD driver package directory) and do
#freebsd-make install
after which it says, it can't find /sbin/sysctl -- so I do
#ln -s /bin/sysctl /sbin/sysctl (or vise versa, I'm not on that machine now).
OK, it complains then, that freebsd kernel source tree can't be found. Then I go to the /usr/src , where there is a kfreebsd*xz package installed by `apt-get install kfreebsd-source-8.1`. We expand it
#tar -Jxf kfreebsd*xz
and then create a symbolic link /usr/src/sys to the kfreebsd*/sys subdirectory:
#ln -s kfreebsd*/sys sys
which gives us the /usr/src/sys directory, where FreeBSD utilities are learned to find kernel sources. OK, then you see how compilation process goes a bit further, but then multiple warning:
/bin/sh: pkg_info: not found!
/bin/sh: /usr/bin/true -- not found!
appears. Again, linking /bin/true as /usr/bin/true resolves that "problem".
And the pkg_info I guess can't be resolved, but it seems it isn't lethal to the process.
Next thing it complains about a couple of "mistakes" in the scripts/linux.sh (in the NVIDIA* directory, from which we're running freebsd-make), which are fixed by editing the script. And finally you end up having the "nvidia.ko" kldloaded OK and the message saying that you now need to run nvidia-xconfig.
Of course, there is no nvidia-xconfig there; but the worst is, X doesn't start complaining as I just reported.

So WHY would it say that "nvidia driver can't be found", if it is successfully kldloaded into kernel? Or is it looking for it in a different place???
This is what I want to know.

In fact, the scripts in the source package suggest, that you are on a FreeBSD system and running Xorg in a linux compatibility layer. So that part of the script cannot be executed. But what should be done instead?

From: edmond <edmondweblog@gmail.com>
To: Kostya Berger <bergerkos@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Tuesday, 15 February 2011, 13:32
Subject: Re: Xorg NVIDIA proprietary driver -- little problem

2011/2/15 Kostya Berger <bergerkos@yahoo.co.uk>:
> Hi everyone :).
> Does anyone know the way Xorg works in kfreebsd?
> Because I compiled a proprietary NVIDIA driver from the NVIDIA package for
> FreeBSD using freebsd-make (which, of course, took a couple of tweaks), but
> the result was positive and the `kldload` loaded module OK. The modules
> directory is /usr/X11R6/lib/modules, which is added to the xorg.conf as
> ModulePath parameter. The previous ModulePath is deleted.
> Yet when starting X it fails, showing in Xorg.0.log, that "nvidia module not
> found", and also "libnvidia-tls.so.1-- shared object not found". Yet they're
> all there and `ldconfig -p` shows it has "libnvidia-tls.so.1" cached...
>  So I'm kinda lost. What do I do to make X server know, that "nvidia.ko" is
> loaded into kernel? And how do we actually add a module to be loaded at boot
> time? In FreeBSD there is a special text file for that, but in kfreebsd
> there is not. Or maybe there is?
> Thanks in advance.
> Kostya

You can write all the steps exactly, because I also
I'm testing the driver, but I stopped before


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