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Re: Public testing of quota and IPsec support.

fredag den 11 februari 2011 klockan 18:11 skrev Witold Baryluk detta:
> On 02-10 21:21, Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> > Dear all,
> > 
> > I have deposited packages sufficient to test the quota
> > and IPsec support also outside of my private machine.
> > At my Alioth account
> > 
> >    svn.debian.org:~meand-guest/pub/
> ...
> > If some other location for these files would be better,
> > do tell me and I will cooperate in positioning them there.
> Yes please. I do not know svn too much :/
> Or at least given what svn commands need to run :)
> I tried import by filed.

Well, svn.debian.org, alioth.debian.org, and some more,
are mirroring the contents of each individual user with
contents within Alioth. Thus I have in reality put the
files in

      ~meand-guest/pub/   at  alioth.debian.org

I was nurishing a hope that one of the wizards in this
group might step in to teach me to move the files into
a better area, since my diligent search did not uncover
anything useful. My intent was to put the files where it
would be clear that the responsibility is mine, that I
and not the Glibc-bsd team as a whole has checked the material.
As a last resort, I could imagine some sort of FTP area
with a subdirectory blaming "meand-guest".

Senior developers, or administrators, please give me a hand
here to keep the enthusiasm of Witold going!

Best regards,
   Mats E A

P.S. I subscribe to debian-bsd. No more CC is needed.

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