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Re: Postgresql deying access

2011-02-11 12:12:50 CET LOG:  could not get peer credentials:
Interrupted system call

The problem seems be in postgresql package.
The sizeof(struct cmsgcred) is 84 on kfrebsd-amd64, there is no reason
for padding it  at the end to 8-byte boundary by kernel.
But postgresql want these extra 4 bytes to receive.

Please verify, whether patch bellow helps also for you.



--- src/backend/libpq/auth.c
+++ src/backend/libpq/auth.c
@@ -1764,7 +1764,7 @@
        Cred       *cred;

        /* Compute size without padding */
-       char            cmsgmem[ALIGN(sizeof(struct cmsghdr)) + ALIGN(sizeof(Cred))];   /* for NetBSD */
+       char            cmsgmem[ALIGN(sizeof(struct cmsghdr)) + (sizeof(Cred))];        /* for NetBSD */

        /* Point to start of first structure */
        struct cmsghdr *cmsg = (struct cmsghdr *) cmsgmem;

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