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Re: Postgresql deying access

2011/2/11 Nicolas Barbier <nicolas.barbier@gmail.com>:

> 2011/2/11 Emanuele Balla <balla@staff.spin.it>:
>> 2011-02-11 12:12:50 CET LOG:  could not get peer credentials:
>> Interrupted system call
> I think that this is enough to tell the porters what the problem is. I
> also think I have seen similar problems being mentioned before, is
> kFreeBSD somehow more susceptible to syscall-restarts? AFAIK, such a
> return value (i.e., EINTR) must result in the syscall being retried,
> which doesn't seem to happen.

Ah, I knew it did sound familiar:


Petr? :-D


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