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Re: Questions at my kFreeBSD FOSDEM talk

2011/2/6 Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org>:
> * How many lines is the patch to make glibc work on kfreebsd?

The patch directory amounts to 629 lines [1].  The standalone files in
sysdeps directory amount to ~14000 SLOC [2].

> * What was the worst issue we had to fix/change to get kfreebsd
>  running? (related to freebsd/glibc, not applications)

It's hard for a single person to make a comparison, since not all
issues were solved by the same person.  I remember a particularly
annoying problem with DNS resolver very early in the port, which
was present for a while and eventually solved by Aurelien Jarno.

> * Several questions around how is decided which kernel modules are
>  included. Specifically someone asked for a module called pfsync or
>  so and not included in FreeBSD by default either.

I think the BTS has some request related to pfsync.

> Another topic was rebuilding the whole architecture like Lucas
> Nussbaum does for e.g. amd64. Lucas mentioned that he bascially would
> be able to do such a thing, but also that he remembered some NFS
> problems with kfreebsd and that his setup needs NFS.

Perhaps this can be useful to him:


[1] $ wc -l glibc-ports/patches/*
   17 glibc-ports/patches/config_h_in.patch
  124 glibc-ports/patches/ftw.patch
   70 glibc-ports/patches/linuxthreads29.patch
   14 glibc-ports/patches/linuxthreads-signals.diff
   23 glibc-ports/patches/memusage_no_mremap.patch
   29 glibc-ports/patches/mips_mktime.patch
   15 glibc-ports/patches/pthread_at_fork.patch
   43 glibc-ports/patches/readdir_r.patch
  126 glibc-ports/patches/scripts.patch
   50 glibc-ports/patches/syscalls_2.11.patch
   90 glibc-ports/patches/sys_queue_h.patch
   10 glibc-ports/patches/tst-mktime2.patch
   18 glibc-ports/patches/undef-glibc.patch
  629 total

[2] $ sloccount glibc-ports/kfreebsd/
SLOC    Directory       SLOC-by-Language (Sorted)
5602    top_dir         ansic=5602
2263    bits            ansic=2263
1209    i386            ansic=934,asm=275
1107    alpha           ansic=959,asm=148
1043    sys             ansic=1043
999     x86_64          ansic=744,asm=252,sed=3
785     netinet         ansic=785
362     net             ansic=362
357     utmp-compat     ansic=357
180     linuxthreads    ansic=173,asm=7
3       nfs             ansic=3
1       utmp-utmpx      ansic=1
0       nptl            (none)

Totals grouped by language (dominant language first):
ansic:        13226 (95.08%)
asm:            682 (4.90%)
sed:              3 (0.02%)

Robert Millan

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