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Questions at my kFreeBSD FOSDEM talk


here are a few questions which came up at my kFreeBSD talk at FOSDEM
in the CrossDistro dev room and which I couldn't answer:

* How many lines is the patch to make glibc work on kfreebsd?

* What was the worst issue we had to fix/change to get kfreebsd
  running? (related to freebsd/glibc, not applications)

* Several questions around how is decided which kernel modules are
  included. Specifically someone asked for a module called pfsync or
  so and not included in FreeBSD by default either.

Björn: You had one good question which I wanted to write down, but
then didn't do it though and I have the feeling it wasn't one of those
above. Can you remember it and repeat it here? :-)

It also came up the question if there's a debhelper to automatically
update config.guess and config.sub. Later I remembered there is at
least the non-default dh_autoreconf, but I think it does more than
just updating config.{sub,guess}.

Another topic was rebuilding the whole architecture like Lucas
Nussbaum does for e.g. amd64. Lucas mentioned that he bascially would
be able to do such a thing, but also that he remembered some NFS
problems with kfreebsd and that his setup needs NFS.

Ok, so far for now from FOSDEM.

		Regards, Axel
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