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Re: Java "Bus" error

Anton Andreev <antonandreev@fmi.uni-sofia.bg> writes:
> I just called "java" from the command line. I have also installed "default-jdk".

Please try

update-alternatives --display java

> What is the status of Java on Debian / kfreeBSD? What about openJDK?

openjdk does not seem to be available. At least basic stuff works with
ecj + gij:

$ dpkg-query -W ecj gij
ecj     3.5.1-1
gij     4:4.4.5-1
$ cat > hello.java
public class hello {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
$ ecj hello.java
$ gij hello

What is this xxxx.jar that you are trying to run? Is it part of Debian?

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