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Re: Bug#245167: minor memory leak

Hi, Billy.

On Nov 06 2010, Billy D wrote:
> Wow.
> This was a long time ago.
> 6 years!

Well, the package had a "change in management" :) and I am trying to address
some of the older bugs.

> I'll look into updating it.

Thank you very much for your updated patch. Due to some changes regarding
the BSD's your patch didn't apply cleanly. Then, I took the liberty of
breaking it in two parts:

1 - the plug for the memory leak;
2 - the optimized loop.

Unfortunately, it seems that for the BSDs we can't use letters as suffixes
and I have made the index that jumps from one suffix into the other be
incremented by 2, instead of 1.

As I have no BSD here at the moment, I am CC'ing the people at the
debian-bsd list, so that they can test it.  To -bsd: can you please test the
cdparanoia package built including the commit ca62a7f in



BTW, Billy, leak well spotted.


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