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FreeBSD committer at Manchester BSP

I am happy to announce that at the Manchester BSP[1] we will have
FreeBSD committer Gavin Atkinson. He wants to do bug squashing in Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD and get kFreeBSD patches into the FreeBSD source tree. This
is a great opportunity for kFreeBSD (and FreeBSD!) which we should make
the most of. He will be at the BSP this Sunday, 13th November from about
10:00 GMT to 18:00 GMT. Can people please be available on IRC and/or
give Gavin and I some pointers to things that would be useful to work on.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/BSP2010/Manchester

P.S. I will be at the BSP this Saturday as well. I intend to work more
on http://wiki.debian.org/MichaelDorrington/kFreeBSD_Desktop .

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