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Account on Debian GNU/KFreeBSD systems (was: [PATCH] Improve binutils testsuite coverage for GNU/Hurd (and kFreeBSD?))


On Tue, Nov 02, 2010 at 09:28:03AM +0100, I wrote:
> Robert, can I get access to a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD machine in order to
> test that my patch doesn't break anything for you?

Yesterday, we already spent roughly one person-hour discussing this in
OFTC's #debian-kbsd channel -- no solution so far.  Apparently it's
difficult for Debian to allow non-Debian people onto their machines.

My situation simply is that I've come up with a certain patch (for
GNU/Hurd), and I offer to make sure it doesn't have negative consequences
on *-*-kfreebsd-gnu* systems -- systems I'm not primarily interested in,
and I'm doing this voluntarily in my free time.  I intend to continue
doing similar maintenance (also for glibc, GCC, GDB, etc.), so having
someone else test my patches would be inconvenient comparing to quickly
testing them myself.  This is also why the Debian one/two-months
temporary guest account that I've (perhaps...) been offered would be

<http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/CompileFarm> also don't have such accounts, but
that's another topic.

For GNU/Hurd, I'll quickly login to one of our public Hurd boxen, and
create an account for everyone who's interested in having one.

I really do wonder why there's no such pubically accessible porter box
available for kFreeBSD-based systems; am I the first one (who is not a
Debian Developer) to be interested in such an account?  (And I'm not
actively interested in installing and administering such systems myself.)

My other option is, of course, to simply commit my (approved) patch(es),
and then try to help repairing any fallout later on.  I'm planning on
doing this on the weekend for this thread's binutils patch.


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