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Bug#590639: add libzfs

On 7/28/10, Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz> wrote:
> Thanks for your work, but IMO, it does not belong into
> source package freebsd-libs. Not all kfreebsd specific libs/utils
> should come from freebsd-libs/freebsd-utils source package,
> see i.e. ufsutils for UFS filesystem.
> Please instead try to prepare new source package zfsutils,
> which would produce needed binary packages with both libs and utils.
> Please base your work on 8.1 upstream sources, the kernel have been
> already uploaded and libs/utils will follow soon, they are prepared
> in our SVN.

OK. I'm not very used to Debian packaging but I think I can adjust
freebsd-libs or freebsd-utils to provide zfs libs and utils only.

> You also might "Request to join" at [1] and get access
> into our SVN [2] and put your work there.

Thanks, I'll have a look at that.

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