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Re: PPPoE support status update: problems with netgraph?

On Sat, May 08, 2010 at 06:27:10PM -0400, The Anarcat wrote:
> Right now, PPPoE doesn't work. The way I was able to compile ppp(8) was
> by disabling netgraph, which makes ppp(8) complain about PPPoE (my
> guess):
> Warning: deflink: PPPoE: unknown host
> Warning: deflink: Device (PPPoE:vr0) must begin with a '/', a '!' or
> contain at least one ':'
> I'll try to compile with netgraph support. In the meantime I would
> really appreciate further directions on the next steps I should take to
> package this officially and more details on how others have been able to
> make ppp work at all right now.

Sorry to answer to my own posts, but I have some more progress here.

 1. I have been able to compile a real Debian package of userland ppp
 for kfreebsd. It still has some rough edges (like dh_make templates
 lying around) but it's working generally well.

 2. I've been able to compile ppp with netgraph support.

 3. PPPoE, however, is still out of reach because netgraph refuses to

Here's what I get when I try to connect through PPPoE:

# ppp
Working in interactive mode
Warning: Add! route failed: ff02::/32: errno: Network is unreachable
Using interface: tun0
ppp ON roadkiller> dial eicat
Warning: Cannot create netgraph socket node: Invalid argument
ppp ON roadkiller> quit

ktrace shows me the following trace:

  2828 ppp      CALL  socket(PF_NETGRAPH,SOCK_DGRAM,0x2)
  2828 ppp      RET   socket 2

(here we see the socket gets created correctly...)

  2828 ppp      CALL  sendto(0x2,0x80afc88,0x38,0,0xbfbfd196,0)
  2828 ppp      RET   sendto -1 errno 22 Invalid argument

(...but we can't write to it)

  2828 ppp      CALL  close(0x2)
  2828 ppp      RET   close 0
  2828 ppp      CALL  write(0x1,0x2823e000,0x3e)
  2828 ppp      GIO   fd 1 wrote 62 bytes
       "Warning: Cannot create netgraph socket node: Invalid argument
  2828 ppp      RET   write 62/0x3e

Has anybody got netgraph to work properly on debian kfreebsd yet?

Getting there though ... :)


PS: I'll publish the debian package somewhere for review as soon as I
have some time to cleanup the cruft lintian reports...
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